Emergency Medicine in Rabbits

What triggers hepatic lipidosis in rabbits?
Which of the following statements about fluid therapy is FALSE?
Intraosseuos route using the tibia or the femur can be considered
IV catheter can be placed into the marginal ear vein
Intraperitoneal route is the easiest and safest approach
The scruff area can be used for the subcutaneaos route.
Which of the following statements is the most accurate?
Faecal output is a useful indicator of the GIT motility
Both quantity and size of faecal pellets must be monitored
Rabbit should exhibit appetite as soon as they are conscious
All the above
Which dose of meloxicam is required to achieve a clinically effective concentration?
0.3 mg/kg
0.5 mg/kg
0.6 mg/kg
1 mg/kg
Why open mouth breathing is a poor prognostic indicator in rabbits?
Because it means they are in pain
Because it means they have choanal atresia
Because they are obligate nasal breathers
Because they develop hypoxia
Which of the following statements is false?
Ileus is caused by several factors such as pain, stress, and chronic diseases
Gastric impaction is a consequence of gastrointestinal hypomotility
Hepatic lipidosis is a disease that develops only in pregnant animals
Gastric ulcers develop due to irritation and ischemia of the gastric mucosa
Which of the following problem does NOT lead to urine scalding?
Dental disease
Otitis externa
Which of the following treatment is not used to treat urine scalding?
Dermisol cream
Sulfadiazine cream
Which of the following treatment should not be given in a rabbit presenting with anorexia due to severe gastric impaction
Fluid therapy
Assist feeding
Which of the following problems is an emergency?
Ear disease
Dental disease