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How to drive adherence - why clients don't say yes

Dauer35 min
ReferentWendy Hauser
€ 32,86
(exkl. USt)

his webinar examines the barriers to adherence (compliance) in veterinary hospitals and strategies to enhance adherence. Participants will benefit from discussions that center around communication (verbal, written) and the value of clear, consistent recommendations.

This webinar is RACE approved and qualifies for one (1) hour of continuing education.

This webinar is hosted in co-operation with Orivet.

Recording from 14.11.17


Dr Wendy L. Hauser, DVM

Wendy Hauser, DVM earned her veterinary degree from Oklahoma State University in 1988. A small animal practitioner, she has been an associate, practice owner and has enjoyed a successful practice sale.  In January 2015 Dr. Hauser left her position as an industry Technical Services Veterinarian to establish Peak Veterinary Consulting. She has been highly engaged in AAHA in both new initiatives and as an AAHA Board Member and Vice-President. She currently serves as the AAHA Delegate to the AVMA House of Delegates. Dr. Hauser was responsible for helping design and facilitate Colorado VMA’s Power of Ten, a recent graduate leadership academy and is in the process of creating a Power of Ten/Practice Managers program for Colorado Veterinary Practice Managers. Dr. Hauser is a communications coach at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Hauser’s most recent career move is as AVP, Veterinary Relations, Crum and Forster Pet Insurance Group. The published co-author of “The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans”, she enjoys consulting with hospitals and presenting workshops on hospital culture, associate development, leadership, client relations and operations.

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