Intervertebral Disc Herniation (for Nurses)



Intervertebral Disc Herniation (for Nurses)

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Referent: Paige Taylor
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It's 5pm on a Friday evening, kits are wrapped, theatre has been cleaned and everything is calm. Then…the phone rings. A non-ambulatory dachshund is on its way down… Everyone scrambles. Where is the CT tech? Is the sugairtome sterile?

Spinal patients can be some of the most challenging and yet most rewarding patients for Veterinary Nurses. We will answer the what, why and how of IVDD to better prepare you for these cases. From the 5pm Friday admit to the first steps post-surgery or the medically managed patient, this webinar will cover admission to discharge, the disease itself and treatment options both surgical and medical, husbandry and how nurses can ensure the best outcomes for their patients and owners.

Recording from 17 March 2020


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Paige Taylor

Paige Taylor, Primary Surgery Nurse

I started my career 10 years as a wildlife and shelter nurse before moving into specialty as a surgery nurse at Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre 5 years ago. I have been Primary Surgery Nurse at BVSC for the last 2 years and love all things anesthesia but have a keen interest in cat anesthesia and neurosurgery, especially brains. I have nursed many a spinal patient through surgery and recovery and love watching their progress.  When I am not at work, I am at the beach with my moodle Riley or on the couch with my DSH Lucy, Norwegian Forest Cat Lilly and Bourkes parrot Frenchie geeking out over Batman comics and anesthesia webinars. 

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