Anaesthesia in critically ill patients



Anaesthesia in critically ill patients

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Referent: Kenneth Joubert
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This talk will describe the approach to the management of the critically ill patient required to undergo anaesthesia. Patients may require anaesthesia for diagnostic or treatment purposes. These patients often present for a variety reason from trauma to systemic disease. It is important to realise that the anaesthetic agent used is not as important as the management of the cardiovascular and respiratory embarrassment that maybe present. A logical approach to the assessment and treatment of underlying abnormalities before the induction of anaesthesia will be discussed. Principles to follow during the induction and maintenance of anaesthesia will be given. Anaesthetic care does not end when the vapouriser is switched off but continues until the patient is able to look after its own physiology. It is important to have a good continuum of care to improve patient outcome.

Kenneth Joubert

Kenneth Joubert, BVSc (UP) MMedVet (Anaes) Specialist Anaesthetist

Kenneth graduated with a BVSc from The University of Pretoria in 1995. After graduating he joined small animal practice in Johannesburg for 2 years before returning to the University of Pretoria. In 2000 he obtained a MMedVet (Anaes) and held the position of senior lecturer in anaesthesiology at the university. In 2004 he left the university to re-join private practice before starting his own referral practice in anaesthesiology, pain management and critical care. Kenneth has publish 36 scientific publications, delivered 73 scientific presentations, delivered over 137 continuing education talks, done 13 multimedia presentations, published 39 non-scientific articles, presented 6 course, written one book chapter and attended 63 congress of continuing education. Kenneth currently holds an extra-ordinary lecturing post in Pharmacology in the department of Paraclinical Sciences at the University of Pretoria and runs a private practice dedicated to anaesthesia, analgesia and intensive care. He has regularly examined students in pharmacology, anaesthesiology and clinical studies. Kenneth has and is currently involved in the supervision of 4 students.
Kenneth has a keen interest in total intravenous anaesthesia, intensive care, ventilation and cardiology. His research interests included non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, anaesthetic depth monitoring and total intra-venous anaesthesia.
Kenneth chaired the Faculty Ethics Committee (Animal Use and Care Committee) until it was dissolved to form a University based Animal Use and Care Committee. I was then a member of the Senate committee for Research Ethics and Integrity and the Animal Use and Care Committee of the University of Pretoria. Kenneth currently serves on the AUCC (RECA) Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

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