Analgesia and Anaesthesia in Exotic Companion Mammals



Analgesia and Anaesthesia in Exotic Companion Mammals

Dauer: 1:00 h
Referent: Jaclyn Gatt
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As rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rats become increasingly popular pets with close bonds to their owners, these animals are more likely to present to veterinary clinics for routine and urgent care. Collectively known as Exotic Companion Mammals (ECM), the unique anatomy, physiology and behaviours of these animals requires specific knowledge on the part of the treating veterinarian. 

This webinar will provide general practice and emergency vets with the essential knowledge to deliver appropriate analgesia and anaesthesia to ECM patients. It will cover species specific drugs, dose rates, and anaesthetic considerations and protocols for clinical use. By the end of the talk you will have learned a set of practical steps to optimise care for exotic mammals at the clinic, improve your confidence and hopefully provide even better patient outcomes.

Recording from 1 December 2020


Jaclyn Gatt

Dr Jaclyn Gatt, BVSc MVS (Cons Med) MANZCVS (Unusual Pets)

Jaclyn graduated from Melbourne University in 2010 and worked for almost 5 years in one of Melbourne’s busiest hospitals as a small animal and exotic pet vet. She spent 3 years working in emergency and critical care before opening the Bird & Exotic Animal Clinic with Dr Glynn Lam in 2016.
In 2015 Jaclyn completed a Masters of Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine through Murdoch University, covering a wide range of species including those commonly kept as pets, along with zoo animals and wildlife. Jaclyn obtained Memberships in Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets in 2019 and sees a large number of primary and referral exotic cases. Her favourite topics include emergency and critical care of exotic pets, rabbit dentistry and soft tissue surgery. She is very excited to be given an opportunity to share her passion for exotics and their unique medical challenges in this webinar. 

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