Approaches to Rabbit Gastrointestinal Stasis Syndrome



Approaches to Rabbit Gastrointestinal Stasis Syndrome

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Referent: Kim Le
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Introduction on how to recognise, diagnose, manage and understand the common conditions in clinical practice that lead to rabbit gastrointestinal stasis syndrome.

Recording from 7 August 2019

Kim Le

Kim Le, BVSc BSc(Vet) (HonsI) MVS

I am a veterinarian who graduated from the University of Sydney in 2010 and have been working 6 years exclusively with companion exotic species across four countries including USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. I have a strong interest in minimally-invasive surgery, endoscopy and advanced imaging in order to provide novel and unique solutions to patient care. In my spare time I love to mountain bike, hike and SCUBA dive. 

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