Basic echocardiography in practice



Basic echocardiography in practice

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Referent: Tsumugi Anne Kurosawa
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Echocardiography is an important tool in the diagnosis and management of cardiac diseases in cats and dogs. Now more than ever, basic echocardiography is an integral diagnostic tool in general practice. For example, following the results of the EPIC study, it may be helpful to determine a ACVIM B2 dog in practice for the implementation of appropriate treatment. Advanced and complicated views are not essential in the initial diagnosis and treatment. This presentation will expose practitioners to the basic views of common cardiac diseases in cats and dogs. We will go through different presentation of cardiomyopathy in cats as well as acquired diseases such as mitral valve disease, dilated cardiomyopathy, pericardial effusion and cardiac neoplasia in dogs. After the completion of this presentation, you should feel comfortable with the diagnosis of these diseases.

Recording from 10.04.2018

Tsumugi Anne Kurosawa

Tsumugi Anne Kurosawa DVM MRCVS

Anne graduated from Purdue University in 2011 and completed a small animal rotating internship at Louisiana State University. Before joining the RVC in 2014, she participated in cardiology research fellowships at Michigan State University and Nihon University in Japan. Anne is a Cardiopulmonary Bypass Fellow. She is interested in all aspects of cardiology, although she is particularly interested in valvular diseases.

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