Canine Lymphoma: not all lymphomas are created equal



Canine Lymphoma: not all lymphomas are created equal

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Referent: Sandra Nguyen
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There are many faces of canine lymphoma, and outcomes and treatments are not all the same. This webinar covers when to use molecular diagnostic tests in those tricky cases, and how to manage the different versions of canine lymphoma appropriately for the best possible outcome.

Recording from 05.06.2019

Sandra Nguyen

Sandra Barnard-Nguyen BVSc (Hons I), Dip ACVIM (Onc)

Dr. Sandra Nguyen graduated from the University of Sydney and worked in small animal practice in Sydney before going onto her residency in Oncology at Cornell University in the USA. After a few years on faculty at the Ohio State University, Sandra returned to Australia and now works at SASH in Sydney and the Central Coast. She loves Oncology, Communication and People. 

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