Cats are not small dogs



Cats are not small dogs

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Referent: Veronika Langova
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Cancer is a common disease. One in three people, dogs and cats will develop a cancer over their lifetime. Cancer treatment has evolved over the last few decades in all 3 species and there are lots of similarities in cancer behaviour, treatment modalities and clinical outcome. These similarities can be utilised in comparative oncology research On the other hand cancer behaviour can significantly differ between species and its imperative to acknowledge that to achieve the best results in cancer treatment of the individual patients and apply "the correct" dose of treatment. Some cancers are curable, some are able to be held in remission for periods of time, and some are manageable. Veronika will outline the most common diseases such as lymphoma, mast cell tumors, oral tumors, thymoma, lung tumors and bone cancer and discuss differences between dogs and cats not only in the cancer behaviour and response to different treatment options but the availability of new diagnostic tests which can help us to diagnose cancer earlier and therefore optimize long term response to treatment.

Veronika Langova

Dr Veronika Langova MVDr MACVSc (medicine) FANZCVS (oncology)

Veronika graduated in Brno, Czech Republic in 1992. She was admitted to the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists as a Member in Small Animal Medicine in 2000. In 2005, she attained Fellowship in Small Animal Oncology after completing her residency at Animal Cancer Care in Brisbane. During 2006-2007, she joined the team of oncologists at the Colorado State University as an Associate Professor. She then spent 12 months working at the Queensland Veterinary Specialists and Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane then the Veterinary Specialist Centre in Sydney. Currently is working as specialist oncologist at SASH Sydney. Veronika is a member of Veterinary Cancer society, VSSO, and ESVONC.. She is interested in cancer research and has devoted time to Engeneic Pty Ltd as a clinical trial coordinator, researching on multi-drug resistance and targeted chemotherapy delivery.”

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