Communicating with the Clients, Staff and Self - Stop Drop and Roll



Communicating with the Clients, Staff and Self - Stop Drop and Roll

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Referent: Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton
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Keeping your cool and needing to right at the same time is not easy.  The conflict management method taught here not only helps save veterinary business culture [and sanity] it does so in less time and for less expense then a reactive and defensive position. This program will provide you with the skills to maintain your own peace of mind while providing tools and skills that will foster collaborative discussions among alternate points of view.  Stop Drop and Roll usually means you are on fire.  When communicating with your staff, client and even yourself it is challenging to maintain equilibrium and not feel as if you are on fire. The processes taught here will empower you to stop talking and listen to people with diverse ideas about animals and work together with them for the benefit of the animal and your practice’s culture and bottom line.  These are three easy steps that can extinguish conflict when it arises.  Based on my book-Nipped in the Bud, Not in the Butt-How to Use Mediation to Resolve Conflicts over Animals.

Recording from 23 February 2021

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Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton

Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton

Debra is the principal at Hamilton Law and Mediation, PLLC, (HLM). HLM uses understanding based alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methodologies to transform disagreements over animals while facilitating neutral discussions and providing parties with an opportunity to choose peaceful conversation over litigation.
Her presentations are rooted in conflict transformation and self-reflection. Attendees learn in a more holistic way to recognize their triggers and ability to nip conflict in the bud.

Debra is the go-to person for this kind of information by the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Sun Times, Bloomberg and the US News and World Report.

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