Decision making for hip dysplasia – what to advise and when



Decision making for hip dysplasia – what to advise and when

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Referent: Arthur House
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Several options are available for the management of hip dysplasia. To accurately advise dog owners with a pet that suffers from hip dysplasia, the mechanism of action and the expected outcomes for each treatment option need to be understood. Many of the treatment options available for hip dysplasia have very specific applications and hence can not be used in all cases. This lecture will outline the options available and there application so that a treatment algorithm that can be created for each pet.

Recording from 21.06.2018

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Arthur House

Dr. Arthur House BSc, BVMS, PhD, Cert SAS, Dip ECVS

Dr Arthur House is an internationally recognised specialist in small animal surgery in both Australia and Europe. Arthur has pursued his passion in small animal surgery since graduation achieving post graduate qualifications in surgery, initially in general practice, followed by advanced surgical training in a multi-discipline university hospital.

Arthur was a lecturer in Small Animal Surgery at the Royal Veterinary College, London prior to his return home to Australia. In addition to providing specialist surgical referral services to his patients, Arthur continues to be active in veterinary postgraduate training through provision of continuing education lectures, co-supervision of PhD students and has been an author in several textbooks.

Arthur is involved in collaborative research with colleagues who work in university hospitals and has a broad range of publications. Arthur has an extensive range of specialist surgical experience and skills and strives to maximise patient outcomes by application of best practice and evidence based medicine and surgery. Arthur strongly encourages a team and holistic approach to patient care.

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