Emergency! Pet swallows genetics ‐ It's an easy screening no equipment needed



Emergency! Pet swallows genetics ‐ It's an easy screening no equipment needed

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Referent: George Sofronidis
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ets, like people, pass along breed-specific and family genetic disorders from generation to generation. Recent advances in genetic testing now allows veterinarians to screen pets for a large range of genetic conditions and traits in one single affordable profile. The use of easy DIY DNA collection using cheek swabs, combined with the vast reach of the internet, means pet owners now also have access to genetic information and in many cases means that they are turning to their veterinarians for advice. Are you confident discussing genetic test results with your customers? Are you ready to be a part of the genetic revolution that is re-shaping human and veterinary medicine? We’ll explore the necessity for changes in the veterinary practice model to accommodate the very real changes in today’s pet-owning consumers. Providing your customers with personalised medicine solutions using predictive genetics for each individual allows you to treat patients more effectively with no surgery equipment required.

Recording from 15.02.2018

George Sofronidis

George Sofronidis BSc (Hons)

George Sofronidis has over 20 years of dedicated experience in molecular biology and the way it can assist in areas of human and animal management. Following his initial work and research in forensic science at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine and human diagnostics he moved his focus into the area of animal reproduction and conservation. George has worked at Monash University, Melbourne University and the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board. His strong appreciation for the benefits animals bring to our society saw George in 2000 establish Genetic Science Services, a company dedicated to bringing animals into the DNA testing revolution. George joined and managed the Animal Division at Genetic Technologies in 2003 managing facilities locally and in the Asia Pacific Region. George has developed a respected canine testing business and in October of 2010 he moved to Australian Specialized Animal Pathology (ASAP Laboratory) joining a team of highly qualified veterinary pathologists and scientists. In January 2014 he became Managing Director of Orivet Genetic Pet Care and has a reputation of a Petrepreneur providing informative education seminars on companion animal genetics. “Genetic George” has continued to focus on educating breeders, vets, associations and pet owners on the benefits of DNA testing, in particular the insight it brings to dog and cat owners.

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