Emergency blood tests: Electrolytes and acid base, monitoring and management of disturbances

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Referent: Angela See
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A practical guide to emergency blood work interpretation. We will cover PCV/TS, blood glucose, electrolytes and blood gases. Guidance will be provided on rapid decision making and a clinical approach to the major disturbances.

Recording from 19.07.2018

Angela See

Dr Angela See BVSc(hons) FANZVS, MANZVS

Angela graduated from the University of Queensland in 2002.  Since then she has completed a residency at Murdoch University in Emergency and Critical Care. Through additional studies she has become a Member of the ANZCVS in Small Animal Medicine and a Fellow in Emergency and Critical Care.  Angela has worked in a number of emergency centres in Australia as well as establishing an emergency and critical care business in 2009.

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