FELINE PRURITUS: what’s new in diagnosis and management?



FELINE PRURITUS: what’s new in diagnosis and management?

Dauer: 1:02 h
Referent: Linda Vogelnest
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Feline pruritus can be very challenging to manage, due to the potential for severe self trauma, and challenges of medicating many cats. Accurate diagnosis is always the first important step, and in this webinar we will cover practical tips when to consider infectious causes such as dermatoyphtosis or Demodex gatoi, how and when to use elimination diet trials, when to consider flea allergy, and the value of allergy testing (serum & intradermal). Step two is focusing on treatment, and along with updates on current treatment options, guidelines will be given on how to make wise treatment choices for each patient, and how to manage severely pruritic presentations while completing diagnostic trials.

Webinar sponsored by MSD Animal Health

Recording from 11.04.2019


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Linda Vogelnest


Linda graduated from the University of Sydney in Australia in 1984 and became a Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology after over 10 years working in general practice, following an initial desire to understand skin disease better and provide improved patient outcomes. She achieved Fellowship of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) in Veterinary Dermatology in 2003 and has worked in both university clinical practice and private referral practice since then. Linda continues to teach dermatology skills to veterinary students, regularly participates in post-graduate dermatology education, and is passionate about promoting a greater understanding of dermatology. Linda’s special interests include atopic dermatitis, otitis, and maximising value of skin sampling techniques, including skin surface and ear cytology.

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