FLUTD – Is it all about nutrition (for Nurses)

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Referent: Nicola Ackerman
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Urinary tract disorders in cats is a truly multifactorial issue. Good history taking, including nutritional and behavioural, is required in order to give the best recommendations for the cat. Nutrition plays an important element of this, but it isn’t just about what the cat eats, but how the food is presented and feeding behaviours that impact on the cat.

The webinar will look at nutrients in the diet and how these impact on cats with FLUTD, but also feeding behaviour. We will look at how we feed cats plays a much larger role in FLUTD, in how it influences stress levels and potential interactions with other cats in the household.

We will also look at how obesity and weight loss diets effects cats with FLUTD.

Recorded on 17 June 2020

Nicola Ackerman

Nicola Ackerman PGCert BSc(Hons) RVN CertSAN CertVNECC VTS(Nutrition)

Nicola works as the Head Medical Nurse at Plymouth Veterinary Group, UK. Nicola has written for many veterinary publications and textbooks, and is the editor for Aspinall’s Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing and is on the editorial board of The Veterinary Nurse. Nicola a past winner of the BVNA / Blue Cross award for animal welfare and the College of Animal Welfare Professional Development Award. Nicola is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Advanced Veterinary Nursing with Glasgow University.

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