Feline triaditis – There is more to be aware of than you think.



Feline triaditis – There is more to be aware of than you think.

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Referent: Jennifer von Luckner
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What is triaditis? Strictly spoken, it is the involvement of three organs = trias (liver, pancreas, intestines) in an inflammatory process. Cats with triaditis suffer from concurrent pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cholangitis. Unfortunately, it is not always as straight forward as this. Some cats show a combination of all three diseases some not. In some of them, there is purely immune-mediated disease, in some suppurative inflammation and bacterial infection complicates the disease process and challenges us with respect to treatment regimen.

What causes triaditis? That is a million dollar question. Current theories involve dietary allergens that stimulate the immune system, hereditary factors, and the impact of bacterial infections that move from the intestines into the bile duct. Others believe that triaditis starts in the bile duct, with the inflammation then flaring up in the pancreas and intestines. Let’s have a closer look on how to diagnose triaditis and what to do about it therapeutically.

Recording from 05.09.2018

Jennifer von Luckner

Associate Professor Dr. Jennifer von Luckner

Associate Professor von Luckner is a Small Animal Medicine Specialist certified by the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. She graduated in 2002 from the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany. In 2004 she was awarded a doctor title for her thesis with the title ‘Vector-borne infectious agents in dogs in Greece’ by the Veterinary faculty of the University of Leipzig, Germany.
Dr. von Luckner undertook advanced training in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She has worked in a university as well as in a private referral clinic setting before she came to Murdoch University in January 2018. She looks back on many years of experience with continuing education for practitioners.

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