Fracture fixation - how to avoid the dreaded revision surgery



Fracture fixation - how to avoid the dreaded revision surgery

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Referent: Alasdair Renwick
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The best option for both the pet, owner and surgeon is to get a fracture to heal well on the first attempt. Most complications are due to poor decision making rather than poor technique. This webinar will highlight the management and more importantly the avoidance of the most common types of fracture complications.

Specific types and locations of fractures, which are associated with an increased risk of failure, will be discussed with strategies to avoid this occurring. The various implant systems (pins, ESF, plates and locking plates), available will also be described. The advantages and disadvantages of each implant system and the guidelines for application of each system will be highlighted. The relevance of how this relates to the risk of complications will discussed.

Using a case-based approach from over 10 years of specialist orthopaedic practice, various types of complications will be demonstrated as well as strategies for revision surgery. By the end of this webinar the delegate will have a good understanding of why some complications occur and therefore how best to avoid them.

This webinar is sponsored by ASAP Laboratory.

Recording from 20.02.2019

Alasdair Renwick

Alasdair Renwick BVMS DSAS (Orth)

Alasdair is an internationally recognised orthopaedic specialist and is currently the only specific orthopaedic specialist in registered Victoria. He worked for 11 years in general practice followed by spending the last 11 years in specialist orthopaedic practice. As well as his clinical duties he regularly lectures nationally and internationally and is an honorary lecturer for the University of Liverpool. Prior to moving with his family and joining the Veterinary Referral Hospital (VRH) -Hallam in January 2018, he spent the previous 7 years in one of the busiest orthopaedic referral clinics in the UK. This clinic had a large case load of high performance working dogs and competition agility dogs, as well as plenty of pet dogs, with many of these dogs sustaining fractures. He has a wealth of experience in returning these dogs to function and has continued to enjoy fracture fixation at VRH.

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