How to Manage Cytotoxic Patients (for veterinary nurses)



How to Manage Cytotoxic Patients (for veterinary nurses)

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Referent: Tabatha Whitehead
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Are you handling cytotoxic patients correctly to ensure your and your colleagues safety in the short and long term? Do you fully understand which commonly used drugs are stored, administered and dispensed in your clinic are cytotoxic and how you should best be handling them? The use of cytotoxic drugs is commonplace in most clinics. Many nurses understand cytotoxic drugs to be chemotherapy agents, this is not entirely correct and some drugs you did not realise were cytotoxic actually are. As a veterinary nurse, not only should you understand which drugs present a danger to you, but also how to handle these drugs safely and manage the patients receiving them appropriately. This webinar will present to you a practical overview to ensure you know what you're doing when managing cytotoxic patients and drugs.

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Tabatha Whitehead

Tabatha Whitehead VN, TAA

With almost 20yrs experience in the veterinary industry, from general practice to speciality practice. Tabatha has spent the last 10yrs focusing on veterinary industry management. In 2015, Tabatha left full time practice management prior to accepting a role as a Nurse Educator with the Australian College of Veterinary Nursing and begin her own businesses. In addition, Tabatha immersed herself into avian nursing taking on a casual role at Brisbane Bird Vet. Through this experience and her love of parrots, Tabatha has developed a passion for bird behaviour and responsible parrot ownership.

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