Managing Busy Shifts without Burnout


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Managing Busy Shifts without Burnout

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Have you been asked to do shift work but feel leery about the rumours of the many challenges that come with it? Or are you a seasoned shift worker feeling like this gruelling schedule is catching up with you as each shift is filled with increasing errors, brain fog, exhaustion, overwhelm - and even weight gain?

You may have heard about the scary health risks of shift work such as: increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, decline in brain function, depression, and obesity. Adding to that list are the issues with work performance, including diminished work quality, increased likelihood of making mistakes, and more on-the-job accidents. While these pitfalls are common, fortunately, there is a lot that can be done to adapt! You can even use the challenges of shift work as an opportunity to up-level your overall health, energy levels, and mood! 

Join us for this webinar to discuss how to prepare for the physical and emotional challenges of shift work so you can make the best of each busy day without sacrificing your own health, excellence, and sanity! (Hint: the key is in all the impactful and empowering things you do before the shift even starts!)

Recording from 16 December 2020

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Dori martin

Dori Martin, FDN-P, CMT Holistic Health Coach

Dori is a functional health coach who uses “lifestyle medicine” as well as labs to help clients customize and optimize their health and wellbeing so they can enjoy life to the fullest! Previously a single mom for many years, and now as caregiver, mom of 2 teens, and a business owner, she has lived her version of shift work for numerous years in her own right, and has felt the devastating health and emotional impacts of ignoring sleep-wake cycles (your circadian rhythm), regular movement, stress management, and a healthy diet. She has also successfully flipped all of that around for herself and her clients.

Especially as a shift workers, being healthy in our modern world doesn’t happen with just luck and serendipity- it takes some enlightenment, thoughtful shifts in habits, and some dazzling rewards from our efforts to really build the health, happiness and productivity we all deserve! Dori is an advocate of radical self care, so that caregivers (that’s you, Dear Vet!) can show up in the world to share their gifts of being a source of love, light, and inspiration to those who are counting on them. 

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