Managing chronic allergic otitis externa



Managing chronic allergic otitis externa

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Referent: Amanda Burrows
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Chronic allergic otitis externa is a challenging problem in the dog; this webinar will provide the busy practitioner with practical tools to manage this common problem.

Recording from 13.09.2017

Amanda Burrows


Mandy is a Fellow of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS) in Veterinary Dermatology; a registered specialist in veterinary dermatology and Associate Professor in Small Animal Medicine (Dermatology) at Murdoch University, Western Australia. She is part of the global Animal Dermatology Clinic (ADC) team that has veterinary dermatology referral practices located in the US, Australia and New Zealand and she is the key dermatologist at ADC-Perth with two dermatology practices in Western Australia.  Mandy teaches undergraduate veterinary students at Murdoch University and the dermatology unit of the Masters in Veterinary Medicine at both Murdoch and Massey University. She  is the President of the Council of the ANZCVS; a co-editor of the international journal Veterinary Dermatology and the current Australian and New Zealand representative and the Secretary of the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology and the President of World Congress in Veterinary Dermatology to be held in Sydney in 2020. She has authored and co-authored  publications in national and international journals and textbooks. She has extensive experience with clinical dermatology in companion animals and she loves consulting and teaching.

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