Nursing Wildlife - First Aid

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Nursing Wildlife - First Aid

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Referent: Robyn Stenner
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Want to know what to do with a fractured wing? Or a possum who came off second best with a cat? What about those car hit koalas which are guaranteed to unsettle even the calmest nurse…..

This seminar will broadly cover first aid principles as they apply to our native wildlife. Building on your domestic animal First aid knowledge and bending it to appropriate measures for wildlife. We will discuss fluid support, analgesia, and triage for incoming wildlife, as well as broad guidelines for decision making when it comes to euthanasia, in clinic treatment, or referral on to wildlife specialist practices. Lead by Dr Robyn Stenner, with over 10 years’ experience as a wildlife veterinarian, this seminar will be packed full of simple yet effective and time saving points to help you and the clinic more confidently care for wildlife.

Recording from 3 November 2020

Robyn Stenner

Robyn Stenner (BVSC, MANZCVS)

Robyn Stenner graduated from the University of Queensland in 2006 and headed over to the UK to work in small animal practice for a couple of years.  This provided plenty of opportunity to work with exotics such as rabbits, hamsters, birds and reptiles, as well as for extensive travel!  Upon returning to Australia in 2009 Robyn commenced work at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.  Here she developed a strong interest in avian orthopaedics, koala medicine and orthopaedics, and working with our amazing bats.  A general love of the variety and challenge that comes with a busy trauma hospital for wildlife was also instilled, and the thrill of managing a busy caseload remains to this day.  She gained MANZCVS in Australian Wildlife in 2014 and began teaching advanced care courses for various wildlife carer organisations.  2016 saw a move to the Gold Coast, and position as a casual veterinarian at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  Robyn now divides her time between clinical wildlife work, wildlife teaching commitments, and home visit work for a veterinary palliative care business as well as a return to some domestic clinical work too!  She spends her free time hanging out with her chickens, planting trees on her property, or fixing up her sailing boat in anticipation of some adventures further afield in the near future!

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