Paediatric Emergencies



Paediatric Emergencies

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Referent: Claire Sharp
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Puppies and kittens are not just small adult dogs and cats, their unique physiology requires a unique approach to their management. This lecture will review normal paediatric physiology so as to provide a background that leads into discussion of an approach to common paediatric emergencies.

Fluid requirements and nutrition will be a particular focus. Additionally, specific disease states will be reviewed including neonatal sepsis, juvenile hypoglycaemia, neonatal isoerythrolysis, and
infectious diseases affecting puppies and kittens.

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Claire Sharp

Dr Claire Sharp BSc, BVMS, MS, DACVEC

Dr Claire Sharp is a Registered Specialist in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care and Senior Lecturer in the School of Veterinary Medicine at Murdoch University. At Murdoch Claire is involved in clinical service in The Animal Hospital, teaching veterinary students, training interns and residents in ECC, and doing research. Claire did her specialty training in the US, but since returning to Australia in 2015 has been involved in research of snake envenomation and the SnakeMap initiative. 

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