Pain Management in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs



Pain Management in Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

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Referent: Narelle Walter
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Obvious signs of pain rarely occur in rabbits and guinea pigs and it is often the departure of normal behaviors that are indicators of discomfort in these species. The absence of normal behaviours and other subtle changes can often be overlooked in these species as they are not as vocal as cats and dogs when in pain. In the clinic environment these changes can be even more difficult to identify due to stress and anxiety of the individual in an unusual environment possibly with the presence of predators.

This lecture will not only assist you and your clinic with recognizing pain in rabbits and guinea pigs but managing acute, short term and chronic pain.

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In case you have missed this webinar, you have the opportunity to watch a recorded version here.

Narelle Walter

Dr Narelle Walter BVSc, MRCVS

Narelle graduated in 1996 at Melbourne University and worked throughout Victoria as a dairy and large animal veterinarian. She has travelled extensively to New Zealand and the United Kingdom where her interest for rabbits increased.
In England, Narelle worked in a large small animal clinic and treated an increasingly large number of rabbit patients over three years. Returning to Australia it became obvious that rabbits were increasing in popularity, especially as inside house rabbits.
Narelle concentrates exclusively on rabbits and the occasional guinea pig as both a primary and secondary opinion veterinarian. She offers routine rabbit services including desexings and routine vaccinations, as well as surgical and medical care.

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