Peri-operative antimicrobial use



Peri-operative antimicrobial use

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Referent: Giselle Hosgood
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Indiscriminate use of antimicrobials is an international concern in health sciences and veterinarians have a responsibility to adhere to appropriate practice. The risk of surgical site infection (SSI) in small animal surgery poses a challenge in some situations and perioperative antimicrobials play a role in reducing this risk. Considerations for antimicrobial use in small animal surgery will be discussed, examining NRC surgery classification and SSI risk, and presenting discussion on drug selection and duration of administration. Evidence-based literature and reference to prescribing guidelines will be included.

Recording from 30.04.2019

Giselle Hosgood

Giselle Hosgood BVSc, MS, PhD, FACVSc, Dipl. ACVS

Dr Hosgood is a registered specialist and Professor in Small Animal Surgery at Murdoch University.  She has been practicing at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University and teaching undergraduates and graduate veterinarians since arriving back in Australia in 2009, after 24 years training, teaching and practicing at Purdue University and Louisiana State University in the US. Dr Hosgood has extensive experience in soft tissue surgery and clinical research, with over 250 journal articles and book chapters published across species and disciplines, in part due to her interest in biostatistics.

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