Personalized Medicine – Practical tools to generate new revenue streams in practice



Personalized Medicine – Practical tools to generate new revenue streams in practice

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Referent: Noam Pik
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ersonalized Medicine may sound like a new concept, but it really reflects what we have always attempted to deliver to our clients – great medicine tailored specifically to a pets’ needs. The difference now is that we have the resources we need to turn this into a reality for all our patients. Taking advantage of new technologies and new medical strategies, we can now assess risk and highlight the patient’s own circumstances to craft a meaningful Life Plan – one in which the client can be truly engaged. Switching our attention to early detection provides some of the most exciting options for veterinary hospital teams today. When embraced, building new income streams around screening, wellness and prevention can not only significantly boost practice income, but also lead to better clinical outcomes and improved client satisfaction.

This webinar is hosted in co-operation with Orivet.

Recording from 19.04.2018

Noam Pik


Graduated as a veterinary surgeon from Murdoch University, WA. Australia in 1996 after completing an independent research project on the effects of Progesterone on exercise physiology in racing mares. Noam gained further qualification in business management and marketing and has lectured at the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel before returning to Australia in 2001 and establishing the South Eastern Animal Emergency Centre in 2003 and the Veterinary Referral Hospital in 2005. He is a member of the ANZCVS in the chapter of Emergency and Critical Care. In 2008 Noam established the Australian Specialized Veterinary Pathology (ASAP) Laboratory (now part of Primary Healthcare) and Orivet Genetics Laboratory in 2010. The latter is focused on delivering personalized medicine and genetic solutions to veterinarians, pet owners and breeders of companion animals. He also helped build the Veterinary Genetics Assurance (VGA) program to breeders in Australia and around the world. Noam is a strategic consultant to Biotempus Ltd an Australian biotechnology company focusing on cancer and immune mediated diseases in both human and animals. Noam has a keen interest in delivering high quality clinically-oriented services to the veterinary community and especially in the fields of pathology, genetics, immunology and applied bioinformatics.

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