Pitfalls of Cytology



Pitfalls of Cytology

Dauer: 1:08 h
Referent: Richard Ploeg
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Cytology is a useful clinical tool for investigation of disease processes, however like all diagnostic procedures there are associated pitfalls. Cytology should be considered a guide. Characteristics of the cells may not be sufficient in many instances to yield a definitive diagnosis or indicate the probable behaviour of the lesion. These may require examination of the overall architecture of the tissue, for which cytology is not appropriate. Richard will be discussing the tricks and traps of cytology and giving an overall understanding of its uses.

Richard Ploeg

Dr Richard Ploeg BVSc, MACVSc, MPhil

Graduating from the University of Sydney in 1996, Richard as an associate lecturer in veterinary pathology and anatomy at the University of Queensland, Queensland government's vet-erinary laboratory, Utrecht University in Holland and IDEXX in both Brisbane and Melbourne until 2014. He has just spent a year working as a pathologist at the University of Melbourne before joining ASAP Lab last year. Richard has a special interest in dermatopathology.

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