Special Needs of Geriatric Patients (for Nurses)

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Referent: Mathilde Granger
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In recent years, small animal veterinary medicine has known major improvements in knowledge and quality of care, following the progress of human medicine. Our pet population is aging, revealing some conditions previously poorly recognised. Thus veterinary professionals are faced with new challenges. We need to study how our pets are aging, which structures are affected, and what physiological and pathological mechanisms are at play. Interestingly, dogs and cats, because they live alongside their owner, share the same environment, but have a shorter lifespan, can be good models for some human conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and osteoarthritis.

Pet owners are keen to look after their pets for as long as possible, with a major emphasis on maintaining a good quality of life and avoiding pain. We will discuss how we can be with them every step of the way, to provide support and guidance, in all aspects of old age management: pain management, preventative treatments, environmental adaptations, nutritional support and so on. Because looking after our aging pets can give us an insight into how we, as humans, age. So that we all age well, together.

Recording from 22 April 2020

Mathilde Granger

Dr Mathilde Grainger - DVM, Dip A.Phys, MRCVS Vet Physio.

Mathilde qualified as a vet in 2002 in France (National Veterinary School of Alfort). She passed her Intership in small animal medicine and surgery at the same Vet School, and continued to study in surgery there for another year.  After this specialisation, she worked as a general small animal practitioner in France and in the UK until she decided, in 2009, to specialise in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  She passed the exam for the Diploma of Animal Physiotherapy with The College of Animal Physiotherapy in October 2012. Building up on this, she developed the rehabilitation centre in association with the hydrotherapy unit and the pain clinics at Langford Vets, Small Animal Hospital for the University of Bristol. Since 2016, she has created Vet&Physio Ltd, a private small animal physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre based in Somerset, UK. She is currently studying acupuncture and integrated care, to support even better our beloved pets in their late years.

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