The Coughing Dog - Diagnosis and Treatment



The Coughing Dog - Diagnosis and Treatment

Dauer: 1:05 h
Referent: Clint Yudelman
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Coughing is a very common problem encountered in general and referral practise. With the aid of a good physical examination, accurate history and thoracic imaging, a diagnosis can often be achieved and the correct treatment started. In this webinar, I will guide you through some of the common causes of a coughing dog and some simple yet effective techniques to resolve it. I will aim to go over the diagnosis and treatment of coughing in heart failure, chronic bronchitis, collapsing trachea, pulmonary neoplasia, eosinophilic bronchopneumopathy and a few other conditions.

Clint Yudelman

Dr Clint Yudelman BVSc (Hons), FANZCVS (Medicine)

Clint Yudelman graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) in 2009. He undertook a year rotating internship at a specialist referral centre in Brisbane before commencing work at Advanced Vetcare in Melbourne. He initially undertook a medicine internship followed by a medicine residency and in 2015, became a Fellow in Small Animal Internal Medicine. Clint has just recently started his own mobile medical specialist business in Melbourne called Insight Mobile Veterinary Diagnostics. Clint has presented at numerous national conferences around the country and has a strong interest in gastroenterology. 

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