The Fundamentals of CPR (for nurses)



The Fundamentals of CPR (for nurses)

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Referent: Shoned Hawksworth
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Less than six percent of dogs and cats receiving CPR survive; being prepared for these events can increase the chances of survival in dogs and cats. However, traumatic and emergency cases cannot be predicted, therefore this requires the clinic and staff to be prepared for any emergency that may come through the doors. Emergency situations can vary greatly in their cause, symptoms, treatment and outcome. However, the fundamentals of performing CPR are the same, with the aim to provide the patient with the best chance of survival, whilst ensuring the staff are comfortable, confident and competent in providing this vital care. This CPD will focus on CPR of dogs and cats, discussing the triage process, how to tell when CPR is required, the ABC sequence and the different forms of CPR available to us both manual and mechanical. The aim here is to prepare veterinary nurses for any emergency, ensuring equipment and medication is prepared, with all staff confident and aware of their role.

Shoned Hawksworth

Shoned Hawksworth Dip AVN (small animal) Dip CVN RVN Cert IV (QVN) Cert VNES (exotics) Cert Nut QCF (nutrition) Cert IV TAE MBVNA

I have been a Veterinary nurse for over 15 years, working in a range of clinics from referral hospitals to emergencies and sole charge. Having a keen interest in nutrition, I completed my canine and feline certificate in nutrition in 2016, with one of my main roles being teaching students in all areas of Veterinary Nursing and especially on the best nutritional care for not just healthy but also sick animals in hospital. For the last 10 years I have been involved with training student Veterinary nurses and have recently moved into teaching full time, nutrition is an area that I feel is often overlooked, with many people not understanding the importance and how it can dramatically affect their pets and patients life. I am passionate about patient care, utilizing this alongside my experience and knowledge to pass this on to students to help them improve their nutritional care within their clinic and to their clients.

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