The liver enzymes are elevated, now what?



The liver enzymes are elevated, now what?

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Referent: Aaron Herndon
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What should I do about that ALT? What about the massively increased ALP in that old Labrador retriever? Elevated liver enzyme activity is one of the most common abnormalities seen on routine chemistries. Yet, many veterinarians feel a bit perplexed as to the most logical way to approach diagnosing a dog or cat with elevated liver enzymes (SAM-e and a recheck?). What are the most common causes of liver disease in dogs and cats? What’s a cost-effective way to approach diagnosing these cases? In this webinar we will look at how best to practically approach elevated liver enzymes on general chemistry. We will include toxicity, neoplasia, cholangitis complex, biliary diseases, chronic hepatitis, and some breed-specific hepatopathies. We will look at various options for diagnostics including imaging and special chemistries as well as indications for when it’s critical to get that all-important liver biopsy!

Recording from 23.08.2018

Aaron Herndon

Dr Aaron Herndon DVM, PhD, Dipl ACVIM (SAIM)

Aaron is originally from the USA where he completed his DVM from Texas A&M University in 1998. After spending a few years in the US Army Veterinary Corps, Aaron spent the next 10 years in small animal private practice in Connecticut and Texas. During this time, he practiced emergency-exclusive, general, and exotic animal practice. Aaron always wanted to focus on teaching and clinical research, so in 2010 he returned to academia to pursue a combined PhD and Small Animal Internal Medicine residency at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The focus of his graduate research was in feline diabetes and novel treatments for the disease. He joined the faculty at the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science in 2015 where he is a Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Internal Medicine. Aaron’s clinical research focus is in the field of endocrinology.

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