The pruritic cat – a practical approach to diagnosis and treatment



The pruritic cat – a practical approach to diagnosis and treatment

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Referent: Heidi Schroeder
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Puritus is one of the most common presenting complaints of cat owners in practice as many dermatoses of cats are associated with pruritus. The pruritus symptoms may manifest as licking/overgrooming, scratching, chewing, or biting the skin, resulting in alopecia, erythema, and dermatitis. Determining the cause of the pruritus can be more difficult in cats than dogs and it is important to understand that cats are not small dogs. The same cause may elicit different reaction patterns in different cats. This webinar will focus on identifying the reaction patterns, discuss a step-wise diagnostic approach to rule out the common causes of pruritus in cats and discuss management of the various causes. Because cats seemingly tolerate corticosteroids well and are often difficult to medicate, overuse of long-acting steroid injections is common. Using this step-wise approach to identify and control the underlying causes can decrease the use of steroids and reduce the risks of developing serious adverse effects such as diabetes and congestive heart failure.

This webinar qualifies for one (1) hour of continuing education.

This webinar is organised in co-operation with the South African Vet Dermatology Interest Group, sponsored by Virbac South Africa, and facilitated by Vet360


Recording from 25.04.2018

Heidi Schroeder

Dr Heidi Schroeder BVSc MMedVet(Med)

Dr Heidi Schroeder qualified as a veterinarian from the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort, in 1988. She obtained her MMedVet(Med) – Specialist Physician degree from the same university in 1994. During this time, she was a senior lecturer in the Small Animal Medicine Department. She left the University in 1996 to start a Small Animal Medicine referral practice in Pretoria. She has a special interest in Dermatology and attends to many dermatological referral cases. She has been lecturing to veterinarians all over South Africa on a variety of dermatological topics and has written several cpd articles on various dermatology topics. She was awarded a sponsorship by the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD) to attend the 8th World congress of Veterinary Dermatology in Bordeaux in 2016. Together with Prof Andy Leisewitz, she founded the South African Veterinary Dermatology Interest group which aims to promote dermatology in South Africa.

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