Toxicology; an overview of three common household toxins (for Nurses)



Toxicology; an overview of three common household toxins (for Nurses)

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Referent: Chloe Fay
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Identification and treatment of toxin exposure should occur as soon as possible to increase survival rates. This webinar will provide an in-depth look at the pathophysiology, clinical symptoms and nursing techniques required for three common household toxins to include; metaldehyde (snail/slug bait), rodenticides (rat bait) and the lily plant.
With case studies and multiple choice questions, this webinar will prepare the attendee with the skill set to treat patients with toxin exposure, effectively. A comprehensive consideration of bodily systems and disease processes such as the coagulation cascade, disseminated intravascular coagulation and acute renal failure, will assist the attendee in understanding these three toxins and their treatment.

Recording from 13 August 2019

Chloe Fay

Chloe Fay BSc(Hons) RVN CertVN ECC VTS (ECC)

Chloe qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2012, gained her Vets Now ECC certificate in 2016, and her VTS (ECC) in 2018. She has a strong background in ECC and referral nursing. She is currently the head of the Priory Emergency Treatment Service (OOH) in Brighton (UK), who also provide cardio-respiratory and internal medicine referral services.
Chloe is also on the review board for the RCVS ‘inFOCUS’ veterinary journal and is involved in peer reviewing material for the Australian College of Veterinary Nursing’s ECC certificate. She is highly experienced and passionate about all aspects of emergency and critical care nursing, but her specific interests include critical care patients including renal and septic patients, and cardio-respiratory patients.

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