Veterinary care of the backyard chicken



Veterinary care of the backyard chicken

Dauer: 1:02 h
Referent: Matthew Gosbell
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This webinar is designed to help vets see and treat pet chickens. It will provide information on basic husbandry, handling, how to examine, common diseases and approaches to treating. I will discuss some of the issues related to the legal obligations in treating back yard chickens.

Recording from 15.08.2018

This webinar is sponsored by ASAP Laboratory.

Matthew Gosbell

Matthew Gosbell BVSc MANZCVS (Avian Health) AAV

Matthew graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1994. After graduation he worked in mixed dairy practice in Victoria before traveling to the UK. In 2003 he took on a Veterinary Director position at Springvale Animal Hospital in Victoria. In 2005 he started started casual teaching cage and aviary medicine and surgery at Melbourne University, he now lectures and runs severe practical classes for the University. He acquired membership to the Australian College of Veterinary Science in 2008. Since then he has regularly given lectures, workshops and webinars to qualified veterinarians and has authored and co-authored peer review papers.

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