Workplace Wellbeing and Managing Shift-Work

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Workplace Wellbeing and Managing Shift-Work

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Referent: Audra Starkey
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Numerous research has shown shift workers are prone to various chronic health complaints including gastrointestinal complaints, obesity, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, mental health disorders, depleted immune systems – to name a few.  This stems largely from ongoing sleep deprivation and disruption to the sleep/wake cycle, along with subsequent misalignment of biological circadian rhythms which often induces fatigue, leading to poor dietary and lifestyle habits.
In this webinar, Audra Starkey will explore:
-    Why sleep prioritization is critical for anyone working 24/7
-    Strategies to support the parasympathetic nervous system to encourage better sleep
-    The influence of chrononutrition in the management of shift work wellness
-    Shift work nutrition – eating to support more energy, better digestive health and weight regulation

Audra Starkey

Audra Starkey, Shift Work Veteran, Accredited Trainer and Clinical Nutritionist.

Audra Starkey is a clinically trained nutritionist, accredited trainer, shift work veteran and author of the best-selling book – Too Tired To Cook. After more than twenty years in the aviation industry, Audra decided to switch careers and complete a bachelor of health science degree, majoring in nutritional medicine, to gain a better understanding of the impact a disrupted sleep-wake cycle and poor dietary habits have on our health.
With a particular interest in preventative health, Audra went on to found The Healthy Shift Worker, a company that provides shift-work-specific wellness services for individuals, along with corporate wellness programs via her signature Healthy Shift Worker Workplace Wellness Seminars.   

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