Workplace Wellness – Cultivating Resilience for a Long, Healthy Career (for nurses)



Workplace Wellness – Cultivating Resilience for a Long, Healthy Career (for nurses)

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Referent: Rosie Overfield
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Resilience is a psychological feature that contributes towards the prevention of the damaging effects of psychological distress; resilient people are able to cope better with adverse events and enjoy longer, healthier careers. Join Rosie Overfield for an evening of self-reflection and self-care planning, as we take a look at evidence-based approaches for staying well. This webinar will include topics such as Understanding the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress, Developing a personal ‘wellness’ dashboard, Self-care strategies away from the workplace, including the latest data on sleep, Team-care strategies for taking care of each other at work.

Recording from 01.02.2018

Rosie Overfield

Rosie Overfield, HR Consultant, Workplace Trainer, Mental Health First Aid Instructor

Rosie Overfield has worked in the Australian veterinary industry for nearly 20 years. She is a counsellor, educator, human resource advisor and former vet nurse, focused on developing mentally-healthy veterinarians, nurses and their workplaces. A passionate advocate for workplace wellness, Rosie regularly speaks on topics related to resilience, emotional intelligence, grief & trauma, high-performing teams and communication.  
Rosie is a registered counsellor & yoga teacher with a Bachelor of Communication and a Masters in Human Resources and Organisational Development. She is also the Australian Veterinary Association’s Mental Health First Aid trainer and the head of ‘people wellbeing’ at Sunset Vets, an organisation that provides in-home palliative care and end-of-life services.  

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