Workplace Wellness - how can you contribute to a thriving workplace?



Workplace Wellness - how can you contribute to a thriving workplace?

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Referent: Cathy Warburton
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We all want to be happy and work in a thriving and harmonious workplace. Unfortunately, the reality doesn't always meet our expectations. No matter what your position in the organization is, you can make a positive contribution to the well-being of the workplace. Come along to find out how.

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In case you have missed this webinar, you have the opportunity to watch a recorded version here.

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Cathy Warburton

Dr Cathy Warburton BSc, BVMS, MACVSc, MVS, TAA, Dip Pos Psych and Well-being

Cathy is a veterinarian who worked as a clinician, trainer and manager in private, university and corporate practices for 25 years before realigning to work solely in the area of veterinary well-being. She is the owner of Make Headway, a business providing training, coaching and support programs to enhance the non-technical competencies (or “soft skills”) of the veterinary industry. Cathy is committed to advancing veterinary mental health and well-being. And she makes sure she walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

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