Communication in Practice is Not a Soft Skill



Communication in Practice is Not a Soft Skill

Duration: 0:43 h
Speaker: Cindy Adams
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What do we gain by improving communication in veterinary medicine? What does the evidence show we get if we invest in enhancing communication? This presentation will examine how effective and intentional communication skills are essential for practice success. The growing body of research evidence that confirms a strong correlation between building a relationship with clients, getting to know and integrating their perspective throughout the interaction AND improved outcomes including client and veterinarian satisfaction, adherence, accuracy, efficiency and supportiveness will be reviewed.
We will review and discuss the communication skills that veterinarians and others can employ to enhance their clients’ ability to become more involved in the consultation and to take part in a more balanced relationship in order to develop a joint management plan.

Recording from 8 November 2023

Cindy Adams

Cindy Adams, MSW, PhD

Dr. Adams is a Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Co-Director of Professional Skills at the University of Calgary, Veterinary Medicine. Her primary role includes directing the Clinical Communication Program across the 4-year DVM program. Her secondary role involves conducting research related to communication in small and large animal practice settings, veterinary professional mental health, veterinary practice culture. She is called upon to assist schools across North America, Australia, Chili, Brazil, Caribbean. Italy to design and deliver communication programs. She works with veterinary practices across North America to address threats and challenges to practice culture resulting in burnout, fatigue, anxiety, suicide.
She consults nationally and internationally in veterinary medicine on all applications of communication in veterinary medicine. She is the founder and Chair of the International Conference on Communication in Veterinary Medicine, Faculty & Board member for the Institute for Healthcare Communication, USA. Her most recent contribution to the profession is a handbook entitled: Skills for Communicating in Veterinary Medicine. This book was written for all members of the practice team as well as those responsible for training and coaching communication in a variety of settings. Dr. Adams was the recipient of the Peak Scholar in Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Knowledge in 2019.

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