Emergency Airway Access for ER Vets


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Emergency Airway Access for ER Vets

Duration: 0:55 h
Speaker: Nadja Sigrist
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This webinar discusses the clinical signs, differential diagnoses and emergency approach to the dog or cat with upper airway obstruction. Medical therapy and endotracheal intubation will be presented and before focusing in more detail on the surgical approach by an emergency tracheostomy. Indications, material needed, technique(s) and aftercare of an emergency tracheostomy will be presented with the help of pictures and video material.

Recording from 10 January 2023

Nadja Sigrist

PD Dr.med.vet. Nadja Sigrist, Small animal specialist FVH, DACVECC, DECVECC, EBVS specialist in veterinary emergency and critical care.

After graduating from the veterinary school of the university of Bern in 1996, Nadja completed a doctoral thesis and trained as a specialist for small animals (FVH) before completing a residency in Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. She is an ACVECC Diplomate since 2004 and ECVECC founding Diplomate since 2014. 
From 2005-2010 she was senior clinician in ECC medicine and helped developed the emergency and ICU service at the Small Animal Hospital of the Vetsuisse Faculty of Bern and from 2013-2020 she was senior clinician and the head of the Small Animal Intensive Care Unit at the Small Animal Hospital of the Vetsuisse Faculty of Zürich. 
In 2021, Nadja left the university setting to concentrate on her own company VET ECC CE (Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Consulting & Education).

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