Managing Stress In Caged Birds



Managing Stress In Caged Birds

Duration: 0:51 h
Speaker: Deborah Monks
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Keeping what are essentially wild animals in captivity can lead to stress, and birds are not that many generations removed from wild state! This webinar will cover the common areas of husbandry and interaction that lead to stress in pet birds, and ways to mitigate that. Less stress birds are free to be more empowered, which is a cornerstone of psychological health, for our avian friends as well as ourselves.

This webinar is sponsored by Stress Free Pets

Recording from 12 May 2022

Deborah Monks

Dr. Deborah Monks, BVSc (Hons), Cert Zoo Med (RCVS), ECZM Diplomate (Avian Medicine), FANZCVS (Avian Medicine and Surgery, Recognised Avian Specialist

Deborah realised even before graduation that she wanted to help the less represented animal species reach the heights of care and wellness that dogs and cats achieved, and she set out to do so within her first year. The feathered, scaly and small-creature-furred path led her to England, to complete an avian residency, and she emerged from that adventure with specialist status recognised in both Europe and Australia. Soon after returning to this land of birds and colours, she started Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service, and it's been increasing in staff and client numbers since 2006. She is the slave of four pet parrots, two cats and a Black Headed Python.

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