The rational use of hormones in the pregnant mare



The rational use of hormones in the pregnant mare

Duration: 1:08 h
Speaker: Dietrich Volkmann
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A practical approach to the indications and execution of hormone therapy for the prevention of pregnancy loss in mares.

Language: English

In case you have missed this webinar, you have the opportunity to watch a recorded version here.

Dietrich Volkmann

Dr. Dietrich Volkmann

Raised in Namibia, Volkmann studied veterinary medicine and specialized in Theriogenology in South Africa.  He pursued a clinical teaching career, first in South Africa and then in the USA where he has held academic positions as Chief of Theriogenology at Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania and now at the University of Missouri. He describes himself as a comparative theriogenologist, always seeking to support clinical interventions with a thorough understanding of reproductive physiology.

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