<span><span>Tips when it is NOT Tick Paralysis </span></span>


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Tips when it is NOT Tick Paralysis

Duration: 0:51 h
Speaker: Elizabeth Thrift
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Many general practitioners can identify a dog or cat with tick paralysis at first glance in the waiting room. Are you confident with those cases which have a similar clinical presentation but you are saying to yourself "it just doesn't have tick paralysis"? How can you prove it and what is the approach?
This webinar will present a clinical and practical approach to lower motor neuron disease and generalised weakness in cats and dogs when they have failed to respond to tick paralysis management or your gut feel is that it just isn't a paralysis tick case. When the client is rightly concerned that their pet is no longer ambulatory, it's important to provide reassurance of a sound diagnostic plan to investigate further. The webinar will provide general practitioners with 'real world' guidance on how to investigate and manage these cases, as well as how to set realistic client expectations for the journey. 

Recording from 4 July 2023

Elizabeth Thrift

Dr Elizabeth Thrift

Elizabeth is a registered Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist, practising clinician, educator and speaker, navigating positions in both clinical and non-clinical work. Her current clinical role is in a boutique, independent, small animal specialist hospital in Sydney. Within this referral hospital, she is the Director of Clinical Improvement & Innovation, a role which highlights her commitment to advancing veterinary science by providing leadership and advice on clinical excellence, innovation and implementing best practice. She is focused on maximising health outcomes for patients, improving care and safety, championing evidence-based practice and clinical innovation, supporting clinical collaboration, antimicrobial stewardship and fluid stewardship initiatives and prioritising positive mental health of veterinary professionals. She also volunteers in the Not-for-profit sector, promoting a One Health agenda, in her pursuit of protecting the health and wellbeing of animals, wildlife and humans.

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