Physiology of the Gastrointestinal System (for Nurses)

Duration: 0:58 h
Speaker: Nicola Ackerman
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This webinar covers the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal system and how application of this knowledge relates to disease, nutrition and nursing care. We discuss how treatments, including nutrition, relate to the physiology and the importance of this underpinning knowledge. We discuss how different nutrients in the diet effect the functioning of the gastrointestinal system.

Nicola Ackerman relates the content of the webinar to a more Emergency Critical Care setting, for those animals that are presented with gastrointestinal issues, including pancreatitis, vomiting and diarrhoea, gastric dilations.

Recording from 16.01.2019

Nicola Ackerman

Nicola Ackerman PGCert BSc(Hons) RVN CertSAN CertVNECC VTS(Nutrition)

Nicola works as the Head Medical Nurse at Plymouth Veterinary Group, UK. Nicola has written for many veterinary publications and textbooks, and is the editor for Aspinall’s Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing and is on the editorial board of The Veterinary Nurse. Nicola a past winner of the BVNA / Blue Cross award for animal welfare and the College of Animal Welfare Professional Development Award. Nicola is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Advanced Veterinary Nursing with Glasgow University.

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