Tips on where to start with vet practice marketing



Tips on where to start with vet practice marketing

Duration: 0:39 h
Speaker: Phil Tucak
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If the mere mention of the word marketing instils fear into your heart and you don't know where to start when it comes to implementing a marketing and communications plan for your veterinary practice, Phil's webinar will provide tips on where to start with veterinary practice marketing. The webinar will incorporate the basics about what’s involved in setting up a marketing plan in your practice to help drive business development and community engagement. Covering what marketing activities to consider undertaking, tips on how often to do them, and touching on why you should have a marketing plan and how it can benefit your veterinary business. 

Recording from 9 June 2021

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Phil Tucak

Dr Phil Tucak BSc BVMS

Dr Phil Tucak is a veterinarian, communications manager, and journalist, and as the Wildlife Outreach Vet, he also works to share the conversation about conservation. As a veterinary communications management consultant, Phil develops communications and marketing content for veterinary businesses, and science and conservation organisations. He regularly writes content for the Australian Veterinary Association and he curated content for the AVA’s Return to Work online learning resource. Phil has previously worked as Communications Manager for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Communications and Interpretation Coordinator for Perth Zoo, as a journalist for SBS News, and as a producer and presenter for the ABC. In 2020, Phil was awarded the Veterinary Business Professional of the Year.

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