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An Update on Socialisation: What you need your clients to know

Date28.04.2020 (BST)
Time11:00 - 12:00 (BST)
SpeakerJacqui Ley
€ 32,86
(excl. tax)

Socialisation has become all-important to ensure that a puppy grows up to be a healthy adult dog. If it is not done right, then the dog is ruined! But is this really true? A lack of socialization is blamed for all types of behaviour problems of dogs - but is this really accurate? Socialisation is important for the healthy development of all youngsters, not just dogs. Even humans get socialized! It is more than just exposing the young animal to new experiences. The emphasis of exposure to novelty has overshadowed the importance of the caregiver to successful socialization. We will explore what it means to socialize a dog, what puppy breeders, puppy walkers and puppy owners need to be doing to help their puppy adapt to life with people (it is much easier than we think!). How the puppy adapts to learning about the wider world can help identify developmental problems and mental health disorders allowing early interventions. A well socialized animal makes the job of the veterinarians and veterinary staff easier as the animal is comfortable with meeting new people and learning new things. So advising your clients correctly helps them help their puppy which ultimately helps you do your job better!

This webinar is sponsored by Stress Free Pets Australia


Jacqui Ley BVSc (Hons) FANZCVS (Animal Behaviour) CMAVA PhD

Jacqui Ley is a registered specialist in Behavioural Medicine. She graduated from Melbourne University Veterinary School in 1995. A long time interest in animals, animal behaviour and training led her to undertake a Membership to the ACVSc in Veterinary Behaviour in 2000. Looking to understand more about behaviour, she left small animal practice for the world of research and investigated tests for measuring fear in dogs. Jacqui has completed a PhD at Monash University developing a model and questionnaire for describing canine personality.

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