Tips on where to start with vet practice marketing

  • Tips on where to start with vet practice marketing
Why is a marketing plan useful?
It keep team members on the same page
It identifies goals
It identifies target audience
All of the above
What is a USP?
Unique sponsor point
Underlying sales plan
Unique selling proposition
Unique sale platform
What does your business’s value proposition mean
A promise of value to be delivered
The cost of your services
The value of your business
The business cashflow
Which social media platform has the bird symbol?
How can you evaluate the success of your marketing plan?
Monitor social media analytics
Review customer feedback
Business growth
All of the above
What is a mobile responsive website?
Layout adapts based on size of screen
Layout incorporates motion
Layout uses artificial intelligence
Layout adapts to low light levels
Which of the AVA special interest groups incorporates marketing education?
Equine Veterinarians Australia
Veterinary Business Group
Conservation Biology
Animal Welfare
If marketing is not your forte, you should?
Not do any marketing
Engage marketing support
Use multiple social media channels
Advertise in the yellow pages
The sponsor of this webinar is?
SIS Pathology Network
SOS Pathology Network
SBS Pathology Network
SVS Pathology Network
In a marketing context, SEO means?
Search Engagement Outcome
Special Engagement Objective
Search Engine Optimisation
Sales Effort Online