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Coping in the COVID-19 Crisis

Fecha02/04/2020 (CEST)
Tiempo11:00 - 12:00 (CEST)
altavozCathy Warburton

Covid-19 is testing us at home, and it is testing us at work. Come along to this webinar for support, encouragement and suggestions on how to stay mentally well when the world is going crazy around us.

This webinar is sponsored by Greencross Vets and Make Headway


Dr Cathy Warburton BSc, BVMS, MACVSc, MVS, TAA, Dip Pos Psych and Well-being

Cathy is a veterinarian who worked as a clinician, trainer and manager in private, university and corporate practices for 25 years before realigning to work solely in the area of veterinary well-being. She is the owner of Make Headway, a business providing training, coaching and support programs to enhance the non-technical competencies (or “soft skills”) of the veterinary industry. Cathy is committed to advancing veterinary mental health and well-being. And she makes sure she walks the walk as well as talking the talk.

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