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Veterinary Cannabis: From Plant to Medicine

Fecha30/01/2019 (CET)
Tiempo02:00 - 03:00 (CET)
altavozRob Silver

This webinar will provide the background information needed to better understand why cannabis has such great potential in veterinary medicine. The presentation will begin with information about the regulatory issue around this plant, especially for veterinarians and pets, and then will go on to explain what is so special about this plant’s molecules, and how these phytochemical interact with a newly discovered system in all mammals, the endocannabinoid system. Recent published veterinary research will be discussed, and applications and administration details will be explained.

RACE approval is pending.


Dr. Rob Silver DVM, MS

Dr. Rob Silver, a 1982 graduate of Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine is the Chief Medical Officer of RxVitamins, a veterinary nutraceutical company that sells exclusively to licensed veterinary practitioners, is the past president of the Veterinary Botanical Medical Association, a former board member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, the author of the book, Medical Marijuana and Your Pet, and currently is contributing to a chapter on Veterinary Nutraceuticals: Cannabis in a veterinary textbook soon to be published by Springer.

Dr. Silver established one of the first integrative veterinary practices in Boulder Colorado, where he pioneered herbal and dietary approaches to many of the more difficult chronic conditions seen in veterinary practice. As an herbalist and integrative veterinarian in Colorado since the early 80’s, Dr. Silver was able to observe first-hand the benefits of many herbal and nutraceutical approaches to pet health including the use of cannabinoid therapeutics in pets.

Dr. Silver has provided post-graduate education to veterinarians for the past 20 years, writes a blog for pet parents, has served on a Stakeholder’s commission for the Colorado Department of Agriculture to determine the suitability of industrial hemp for animal feed in Colorado, is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Hemp Industries Association Research Foundation, and is currently working with the Hemp Industries Association to submit a Feed Additive Petition to FDA-CVM for hemp.

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