Fundamentals of Avian Nursing



Fundamentals of Avian Nursing

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Avian nursing can be a pretty daunting thing for most vet nurses. Firstly, we don’t learn much about them in the current training packages when obtaining our qualifications, something I am working very hard to change! After this, not many of us have had the opportunity to work in clinics who do see avian consultations, therefore the opportunity to learn nursing techniques is restricted. And finally, the things that holds most VN’s I know back from learning about them, is the big beak and the flapping – eeek!

Understanding what to do with birds in the clinic (domestic or wildlife patients) does not need to be scary nor complex. This webinar aims to provide you with the core basics of nursing avians including concepts such as safe handling, anaesthesia induction & venous access for human euthanasia, housing, monitoring, identification, diet choice and of course, yours and your patients’ safety.

Recording from 01.08.2018

Tabatha Whitehead

Tabatha Whitehead VN, TAA

With almost 20yrs experience in the veterinary industry, from general practice to speciality practice. Tabatha has spent the last 10yrs focusing on veterinary industry management. In 2015, Tabatha left full time practice management prior to accepting a role as a Nurse Educator with the Australian College of Veterinary Nursing and begin her own businesses. In addition, Tabatha immersed herself into avian nursing taking on a casual role at Brisbane Bird Vet. Through this experience and her love of parrots, Tabatha has developed a passion for bird behaviour and responsible parrot ownership.

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