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The Exciting World of Opioids - Old and New

Dauer48 min
ReferentJamie Gaynor
€ 32,86
(exkl. USt)

This webinar will detail the rationale for using opioids in dogs and cats. Participant should be able to identify and define the different classes of opioids and discuss the difference between and within classes. Specific concepts such as potency, cardiopulmonary effects, affinity agonists, partial agonists and antagonists will be discussed thoroughly. Species differences, doses and the most current products will be presented along with case examples.

This webinar is RACE approved and qualifies for one (1) hour of continuing education.

Recording from 05.04.2018


Dr Jamie Gaynor DVM, DACVA, DACVPM

Dr. Gaynor completed his undergraduate degree from The Colorado College in 1983 and received his veterinary degree (DVM) from The Ohio State University in 1988.  He was in private small animal practice in northeastern Ohio for 1 year prior to returning to The Ohio State University for a 3 year residency in Anesthesiology.  He is currently board certified in veterinary anesthesiology and a Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner.  He is also certified in veterinary acupuncture and is a Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management.  Dr. Gaynor joined the faculty at Colorado State University in 1992 and was Section chief and associate professor of anesthesiology and pain management when he left the University in 2004. He is a past member of the Leadership Council for the Companion Animal Pain Management Consortium and a past  Board member of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management. Aside from anesthesia and pain management, Dr. Gaynor has a passion for disaster response.  He is the FEMA Region 8 Leader for the National Veterinary Response Team.  Dr .Gaynor is an avid skier and spends much of his weekend time as an EMT, providing medical care as part of the Copper Mountain Ski Patrol. Dr. Gaynor enjoys spending time with his family and 3 dogs.  When not working, he can frequently be found bicycling on the road or trails, hiking or skiing.

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