Nursing Wildlife - First Aid

Which of the following are ONE of the THREE cornerstones of first aid?
Evaluate for PAIN
Evaluate for DISEASE
Identify the SPECIES
All of the above
Body condition scoring in birds involves assessment of:
Muscling of the shoulders indicating flight strength
Weighing the bird and ensuring the weight is within species guidelines
Palpation of the pectoral muscles in relation to the keel bone
Fat reserves within the coelom and around the legs
Euthanasia can be a valid outcome of first aid. Post lethabarb injection in reptiles what steps should be taken?
Auscultate to ensure the heart and breathing have stopped. Assess corneal reflex is absent
Doppler check that the heart has stopped, then wait 30 minutes and recheck before placing in the freezer
Ensure that the righting reflex has been lost
Wait for rigor mortis to set in before disposing of the body
What is the most common form of SHOCK in wildlife?
Which animal has the BEST prognosis if in shock?
Eastern Water Dragon
When treating shock, what are the BEST steps you can take for stabilisation?
A glucose feed, and placing in a dark, quiet environment
Fluid support, and heat with oxygen if collapsed
Pain relief, oxygen, and antibiotics
Have the vet look at the animal ASAP so it can go to a carer where it is less stressful
Analgesia is not just about using drugs. Which of the following can also help provide pain relief?
Bandaging an open wound
Figure of 8 bandage a dropped wing
Soft supportive bedding/towel rolls if concern for a fractured limb
All of the above
A baby bird found on the ground alone is brought into the clinic. It is bright, begging, but has no feathers. The wings appear even, but it won't stand. You:
Tell the member of public it will have to stay for vet treatment as you suspect a broken leg
Ask further questions, and suggest they put it back where they found it- the baby is likely starting to fledge and the parents are probably around
Ask the vet to confirm the bird is uninjured, and at the same time phone a local wildlife carer to send the bird to
Have the vet check the bird is uninjured. Discuss with the member of public how to make an artificial nest, and how to place it in a tree and watch for parental support.
There are 4 viability guidelines for baby possums these are:
Eyes open, fully furred, ears up, no trauma
Detached from teat, cutting fur, ears up, no trauma
Eye liner present (brushtail) or eyes open (ringtail) ears up, fur cutting, no trauma
Eye liner present (brushtail) or eyes open (ringtail) ears up, well hydrated, normal body temperature
The “Golden Window” for successful reduction of infection in wounds is:
<2-4 hours
<4-6 hours
<6-8 hours
<8-10 hours